Community Involvement

Personal growth requires an understanding that we are working members of the community. At Martial Arts USA, we feel that working within the community not only provides service for our friends and neighbors, but also presents opportunities for our students to develope their leadership potential. With that in mind, we often are looking for oppotunites to work with our local school district, as well as area charities and social groups.






         Demonstrations and Fundraising

Our students are provided opportunites to perform at a multitide of events. From cultural festivals, sporting events, and fundraising events, our students’ performances have built a reputation for being engaging and entertaining. Through our students’ efforts, we have also raised money for local schools, and we hope to continue raising money for the good causes around the community.





Community Leadership

Martial Arts USA doesn’t just ask its  students to be involved. Over the years, we have sponsored golf tournaments, 5K runs, schools events, and other causes in the community. Since we are a local company, it matters to us that family flourishes in the area. We are always happy to hear about opportunities that allow Martial Arts USA to be involved; anything from career day to Take Back the Night events, Martial Arts USA is ready to lend a hand.

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